I am a Lead Engineer

15 02 2010

This article is a cross-post from the Shopzilla Tech Blog.

It’s been a thoroughly eye-opening experience to frame our roles at Shopzilla. Petter and I were charged with defining the Lead Engineer role at Shopzilla.

I am a Lead Engineer:

  • I hold “excellence” as my yardstick.
  • I am a software craftsman, I am proud of our code, and I promote this craftsmanship and pride amongst other engineers.
  • I lead by example, and I love getting my hands dirty.
  • I love to learn and teach through conversations about code.
  • I favor reuse over reinventing the wheel.
  • I am passionate about performance and know there is no such thing as “perf spray”.
  • I engage other engineers, and in seeking them out I foster communication.
  • I heart QA.
  • I ensure my decisions are based on not just my own competence, but that of the whole team.
  • I am a mentor, and I understand the difference between posing questions and mandating solutions.
  • I am approachable.
  • I encourage my teams to develop their own technical voice.
  • I ensure my engineering team is not an island – our discoveries are shared; our struggles are too.
  • I help strike the balance between quality and getting functionality out the door.
  • I help business owners translate ideas into technical solutions.
  • I find the bumps in the road before we hit them.

I am a lead engineer and my success is the sum of the success of the people around me.

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